European Infrastructure for
Rydberg Quantum Computing

QM Technologies

Quantum Machines (QM) was founded in 2018 with the vision to bring about useful quantum computers. To that end, the company has developed a revolutionary orchestration platform that makes it seamless to realize the potential of all quantum processors. Within just a few years, QM has established itself as the leading provider of control and orchestration systems for QC across companies and research centers worldwide. At QM’s core is a team of quantum physicists including all three co-founders.

Role within EuRyQa

Quantum Machines develops systems for controlling quantum processors. In particular, the company is investing in the development of unique solutions for the atom array market, such as real time atom shuttling signal synthesis and mid-circuit readout systems to allow the advent of large-scale quantum computing with neutral atoms.

Main contacts

Photo of Ramon Szmuk
Ramon Szmuk
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Yonatan Cohen

Our vision for EuRyQa

Quantum Machines believes that atom arrays are a promising platform for delivering large scale quantum processors. The unmatched qubit count, now in the thousands, as well as high fidelity gates and shuttling capabilities, make this a promising platform to reach the holy grail of quantum advantage.

Investing in serving the atom arrays community is thus a worthwhile endeavor and EuRyQa a great platform to do so, as it unites the best European academic groups and startups involved with developing atom arrays. The collaboration will unite industry hardware and software developers with academics to discover and surmount challenges on our way to scaling the Rydberg platform to many thousands of qubits.

  • Ramon Szmuk