European Infrastructure for
Rydberg Quantum Computing

University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart is a leading, technologically oriented university with a global presence. Founded in 1829, the University of Stuttgart is situated in the middle of a highly dynamic economic region with a worldwide reputation for excellence. The Stuttgart Way stands for the interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural sciences, humanities, management, economics and social sciences on a foundation of top-flight disciplinary research.

Role within EuRyQa

The University of Stuttgart (5th Institute of Physics and Institute of Theoretical Physics III) brings leading expertise in experiment and theory of strongly interacting Rydberg atoms. T. Pfau is founding director of the IQST quantum center (Stuttgart/Ulm) and coordinator of the DFG priority program GiRyd. Within the EuRyQa consortium, T. Pfau, F. Meinert and H.P. Büchler realize a Rydberg atom quantum computer with individually controlled Sr atoms.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Hans Peter Büchler
Prof. Hans Peter Büchler

Principal Investigator

Photo of Prof. Tilman Pfau
Prof. Tilman Pfau

Principal Investigator

Photo of Dr Florian Meinert
Dr Florian Meinert

Principal Investigator

Our vision for EuRyQa

Quantum computers based on neutral atoms are an emerging new platform with the potential to become a leading and competitive player in the very rapidly evolving field of quantum computations. We are very excited to contribute to strengthen the European effort with theory support as well as a hardware based on Strontium atoms.

- from Hans Peter Büchler