European Infrastructure for
Rydberg Quantum Computing

Universiteit van Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is the largest university in the Netherlands and one of the largest research universities in Europe. In the latest QS World University Ranking UvA scored as the 55th in the world and 1st in the Netherlands. Today, it has more than 32,000 students, over 6,000 staff, more than 100 nationalities and an annual budget of more than 850 million euros. The UvA awards on average 550 PhDs per year and publishes 9,500 scientific publications. It has a longstanding experience in EU-funded projects, including training networks. The annual turnover of externally funded projects in the Faculty of Science is over 30 Million euro and the portfolio consists of over 500 projects running constantly.

The Institute of Physics (IoP), one of eight research institutes of the Faculty of Science, has well over 200 scientific staff, an annual turnover of around 25 million euros, of which in externally funded projects alone almost 11 million euros in over 100 ongoing projects. The IoP covers a broad range of research themes in theoretical and experimental physics, from string theory through experimental high-energy physics to hard and soft condensed matter theory and experiments.

Role within EuRyQa

UvA is developing a quantum computing platform based on strontium atoms in optical tweezer arrays. We have recently demonstrated a novel atom detection technique that allows for shallower tweezer traps, which we develop further as a qubit detection technique. We will use the Sr clock transition as the qubit and at the same time develop the use of nuclear spin qubits as well as qubits. With partner TUE we are building a tweezer apparatus that is to be connected to the Dutch Quantum Inspire cloud platform.

Within the EuRyQa project, UvA is the leader of WP4 which explores the path towards fault tolerance and post-NISQ quantum computers.

Main contacts

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Our vision for EuRyQa

EuRyQa brings together a wonderful mix of scientists from academic groups as well as SME’s. We are excited in anticipation of the synergy and cross-fertilization.