European Infrastructure for
Rydberg Quantum Computing

EuRyQa First Progress Meeting in Eindhoven

On 15 and 16 May 2023 the EuRyQa first progress meeting took place. The two-day event was hosted in the new Qubit building at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.

After a welcoming speech by Prof. Servaas Kokkelmans (TU/e) and a short introduction by the coordinator Prof. Guido Pupillo (UNISTRA), each representative took the floor to provide a status update of the project work packages. All the different steps towards the development of a scalable quantum computing platform with Rydberg atoms have been listed and future directions of research traced, both on theoretical and experimental grounds. The event was the occasion for interesting conversations and fruitful exchanges between different teams, thus strengthening relations between members of the EuRyQa network. Moreover, within this framework, between food and coffee, PhD students had the opportunity to present their work with short talks and a poster session which concluded the first day.

The second day was devoted to the last two work packages, concerning project management, time scheduling and supporting activities, in particular communication and dissemination of the EuRyQa mission. After some final remarks, the meeting ended with a lab tour guided by Prof. Rianne Lous in the TU/e laboratories, where all the guests had the chance to see in action an example of the experimental effort for atom-based quantum computing.

The project partners left Eindhoven after lunch, strengthened in motivation and inspired for deeper research, looking forward for the next progress meeting.